6 tips to grow your online presence for Interior Designers

grow your online presence for your interior design business


To grow your online presence for your interior design business takes time but once you get started you reap the benefits of being social.


There are 2.34 billion  social network users worldwide according to Statista which means chances are your ideal client is somewhere online. To grab the attention of your ideal audience means you need to have a solid online presence too!


Many designers I come into contact with will often mention that part of the reason they don’t have a huge online presence is due to lack of time. That’s totally understandable and not just an issue for Interior Designers but business owners across the globe. It’s part of my reasons for starting my own business as I could see so many people struggling with their social media and I knew I could really help these business owners take things to the next level.


I have compiled some hacks that I do on a weekly basis to help grow my online presence


Here are 6 tips to help you get started!




grow your online presence for your interior design business




Plan Ahead



There are many ways to grow your online presence and all of them are possible if you plan ahead.

Just as you would with any goal, you need to treat your online growth goals the same way. The key to planning ahead is scheduling some time each month to create and curate content that you will be sharing with your audience over the coming weeks.

I would definitely recommend you use a content calendar to map everything out. A content calendar will allow you to plan when, where and what you will be posting which will really take the overwhelm out of your social media strategy.






Blogging is a huge deal when you are trying to grow your online presence. Not only does it help you with your inbound marketing by attracting your ideal clients but it also allows you to demonstrate your authority in design.


Blogging at least once a week will really help you to attract your ideal clients. Your content should be written with them in mind.


As most people like to do research online these days before making a purchase or signing a contract chances are your ideal client will do their research before contacting you or your competitors.


If your blog is packed with content and beautiful images that you update consistently, you’re not only giving value to your audience but you are also going to help them get excited about how working with you will help them achieve their dream interior.


grow your online presence for your interior design business






Your list is going to play an integral part in building up your online presence. How so? 

Contacting your list on a weekly basis is not only a great way to keep in contact with potential clients but also a simple way to keep them in the loop about what you have been doing as well as your latest content online.


Not all of your followers will necessarily see you latest blog or social media post so keeping you loyal audience informed will help you drive more traffic to your content. You will also be building relationships with your list which can help grow your business.






When you are social on social media you will realize how quickly you can build some wonderful connections with your audience.


Be sure to visit other peoples social media profiles, if they have content that you love, let them know. Drop them a comment or like their stuff. 


Building real relationships with your audience is a wonderful way to learn more about people. I have met some wonderful people online either via them liking my page or by checking out some pages that resonate with me.



Self Promote


Ok, you don’t want to be constantly on the self promotion road but when you do have a new blog post you need to shout it from the roof tops to be sure no-one misses it!


Often your followers may not see every social media update you put out (particularly if you use a platform such as Twitter where the span of a tweet is 18 minutes).


When I have an update on my blog I tend to post a couple of times on the day to make sure I inform as many of my audience as possible about my new content.


As long as you don’t get too spammy and you are not just constantly dropping links on your accounts your readers won’t mind. Just remember to break up the self promotion by sharing other peoples content and offering value.



Monitor Your Metrics



Taking stock of your content and keeping track of your metrics will help you understand what types of content work well with your audience as well as tweak the areas that don’t seem to work.


You can use Google Analytics to see where traffic to your site is coming from and so that should tell you where your social media efforts are working and where they are falling down. If you see  room for improvement make sure to implement some testing.

It may just be that your audience aren’t actually on that platform which is fine as long as you know so that you don’t waste too much time posting on there.


If you can implement these tips and persevere you will begin to grow your online presence for your interior design business which in turn will generate leads and create excellent brand awareness.