Creating Content To Market Your Business

creating content to market your business

Creating content to market your business may happen in a steady stream most of the time but many business owners face the challenge at some point when they hit the content ‘wall’.


You may feel like you can’t think of any decent titles or topics to write about. Maybe the content for your social media posts aren’t coming as quickly as they were when you started. That’s ok! At some point or another most people experience it.


Keeping your content interesting, appealing to your ideal clients, up to date and consistent is not a simple task. Most of the time you are probably more focused on your clients project or networking to grow your brand. That’s totally understandable as there are many elements to a business not just marketing.


So how can you make things a little easier? Well as a social media marketer I have tried different methods to help keep the content flowing.


One such method method is my ‘style file’ as I like to call it. It’s basically a content file that I use to keep anything useful to market my business in one place.



This file was an absolute blessing to me when my business became busy. If you are feeling fraught from all of the tasks you have to do on a day to day basis never mind for your marketing this may be the answer for you too!



 Creating content to market your business




So whats in the file?



I actually have two files. One is a physical folder and one is a digital folder. My digital  file is used a whole lot more but I keep the physical one in my office just in case I have any tear sheets from magazines that I think will work with my strategy.


The digital file is a treasure trove to me. Whenever I am stuck for content I can just dive right in and get some inspiration.


My ‘style file’ contains Images and design templates that I re-can use for any of my social media posts whenever I need to. I also keep a ‘tweet sheet’ which has a couple of hundred tweets that I can use. I also have a decent amount of Facebook status updates that I can summon when necessary.


This method has helped me out in times of need when I have been working on client projects and have had no time to nurture my own marketing efforts. Or if I am having one of those days when I struggle to find motivation (it’s a rarity but hey, it happens to everyone every now and again) I know I have a backup plan.




Creating content to market your business



Can I adapt this idea?



Of course! This style file will work well for your business too. Whenever you see some eye-catching images that work with your current strategy and brand save them or add them to your social media content schedule.


If you are anything like me, you probably have a list of brands you love or Facebook pages you follow. These are all great sources of content. If you find an interesting article that you think your readers will love add it to the file. 


I also re-purpose my old content too. Blog posts are too good to be used just the once so when I have a newly published post, I will probably share it several times over the coming weeks.

You should also be aware that not all of your followers will see every post you publish anyway. Feeds are so busy it can be easy to miss a status update or tweet.


Of course re-purposing content doesn’t mean you should stop creating anything new. You should try to produce quality content regularly to avoid your strategy stagnating and losing the attention of your followers.


Although this process will help you and save you time. If you feel like you are going to still struggle to maintain a consistent marketing plan why not consider outsourcing  to free up your time?