How To Find Your Social Media Brand Voice

social media brand voice



Your social media brand voice is just as important as your brands look and ideally should be considered as soon as you take things online. 


It is ok if you are not a startup and haven’t got your social media brand voice nailed down, it is never too late to figure it out!



What exactly is my social media brand voice?



Your social media brand voice is the way you talk to your audience and it’s a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors.


Your voice includes the words you use in your content, the images you post as well as the way you communicate with your followers.


The tone of language you use will also give your audience a feel for the type of company you are. It will also have a dramatic effect on the message you are trying to get across.


Let’s say your company is a law firm, it’s ok to be personable but having a laugh and a joke on every social media post is not going to help you get clients.


However if your industry is something that can have a laugh and a joke from time to time there is no harm making your brand voice a little more light hearted.


Your voice should reflect your brand and really speak with an authentic tone. You want your audience to really ‘feel’ your brand and what you are about.






There is a great exercise you can carry out to formulate your brands voice. This should be on your to do list at the beginning of your social media journey however it is never too late to create a cohesive voice to add personality to your brand.



Here is how I created my brands voice:



social media brand voice



The first step was to think about my brand as having a persona. In the same way I have talked in the past about giving your ideal client a personality / name / lifestyle, I did the same for my brand.




social media brand voice



Next I wrote down the key components to my brand such as my core values, a statement about my brand, a list of words that I associated with my brand. This helped to shape the thinking behind who my brand is and how I want my audience to see my business.



social media brand voice




I also wrote down my brand goals as well as what it was I wanted my business to achieve, both long term and short term. This meant that I would always have a clear idea of why I was doing something for my business and so I could talk clearly in my brands voice.



social media brand voice



The final step is to make sure you use your voice with consistency. If you are not the only one posting on social media for your company it is important that all those involved understand your voice. This will present unity within your brand.



When all of this information was compiled I was able to look through and begin to formulate just what my social media brand voice.


I also find this exercise immensely useful when it comes to expanding my team. When someone new is introduced into the fold I am able to present them with my brand persona and they are able to gauge my voice, it has made things so much easier!