Setting Your Social Media Goals

setting your social media goals


Setting social media goals will help you gauge if your social media efforts are working. You can post content all day long but if you are not sure of what you are wanting to achieve, how will you know if your social media efforts are helping your business?



You may be:


  • Feeling confused about what it is you should be putting as your social media goal
  • Simply too busy to spend time planning out your goals
  • Not really sure why you need to have these goals in place.


If you are any of the above, do not worry! All of these scenarios happen to a majority of business owners at some point. It takes a few actionable steps to create your goals but after they are implemented, you will be glad you took the time to establish them and begin growing your business online using a more streamlined approach.




setting your social media goals



What do you want to achieve?



The first question to ask when setting your social media goals is exactly what do you want to achieve? You should really begin thinking about long term objectives rather than short term wins. Ultimately with any business the goal is to generate revenue but your social media goals should be more focused in order to help you do this.



These might be:

  • To grow your brands following
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Build or grow your email list
  • Increase social media engagement



Your goal should be clear and well defined to ensure you have the most success. You should also attach a measurable metric to the goal so that you can measure your progress. 



setting your social media goals



Grow your brands following



  • Make sure your pages are set up correctly. Your social media profiles should be fully optimized. Any information about your business needs to be included and your photo should represent your brand.


  • Share your handle on all platforms. Lets say you want to grow your Facebook page, sharing your URL with your followers on other accounts will encourage them to follow you on Facebook too. 


  • Create a content calendar. You want to have a clearly defined calendar which will not only help you keep your content interesting but will also help you with saving time. No more last minute scrambling to create an image to post on your social media accounts. If everything is already planned ahead of time you will avoid all of the stress and panic that you are not staying consistent.


  • Include a follow button on your website. This is common practice although I still see websites that don’t do it. Make it simple for someone to click the link from your website to your social media account!


  • Engage. Be active on your social media accounts. That means following others, liking their content and responding to comments on your posts. This is something that many business owners just don’t have time to do and that is where someone such as myself comes in. If you don’t have the time, that’s ok, you have a business to run. Outsource to a social media marketer. We live and breathe social media and it is our job to make sure our clients businesses are growing their online presence. 


  • Set aside a budget to create some ad campaigns. The investment to grow your brand can be quite low if you target your ads correctly and can really help to create brand awareness.


  • Use hashtags. Using hashtags that relate to your niche will really help others find you and follow you, providing the content you are putting out is interesting.



setting your social media goals



Drive Traffic



  • Include links. If you have a new blog post on your website you should shout it from the roof tops! Add links to your posts so that it’s easy for someone to click through to your content. 


  • Create an excellent lead magnet. A lead magnet can be a downloadable swipe file, pdf or even just a coupon. An excellent lead magnet will attract your ideal client so long as it offers value.


  • Include share buttons on your blog posts. If someone reads a post you have written that they think will benefit their followers they will share it. Lets make the process a whole lot easier by having the share button next to the post.



setting your social media goals


Build your email list



  • Have an awesome freebie. I am talking something that will be so helpful to your audience they will come back for more. Perhaps this is a checklist of things that will help them or maybe a short e-book about how to do a particular task in their niche. 


  • Promote, promote, promote. You want to make sure  your audience knows about your freebie so get promoting it across all of your social media platforms and in your blog posts. You can also consider running a Facebook ad campaign to help reach your ideal clients. 


  • Offer an exclusive promotion just for your followers. This could be a discount on your product or services but anything that helps your audience realize you really care about them and they are special….treat them like royalty!


  • Encourage sharing. When you post your links to your freebie, encourage your followers to share the page and help spread the word. 


Make sure to keep measuring your progress so you can see how your efforts have been going and so you can adjust your objectives if things are working better or not as well as you anticipated. 

setting your social media goals will help you with your online journey, helping you grow your brand and increase revenue.