How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Pinterest

 drive traffic with pinterest

Pinterest is a brilliant and hugely addictive platform. I cannot tell you how many times I have logged in just to pin a new blog post or curate some content only for an hour to pass me by whilst I marvel at the beautiful images before my eyes.


There are over 100 million active users on the platform which gives you a lot of scope to attract your ideal client through the power of imagery. If you want to drive traffic with Pinterest, you need to make sure you’re account is ready and fully active.


Pinterest works exceptionally well for any businesses that use visuals to promote their service or product such as interior design, event design, a food based business, photography, hair, fashion or anything else creative. However don’t discount the platform if your business doesn’t fall into one of these categories. As a social media marketer I have increased the amount of traffic to my site using Pinterest, I just make sure my images are really appealing.


drive traffic with pinterest

Lets get started…


First things first, make sure the Pinterest account you are going to be using is a business one.  That way you will be able to access Pinterest analytics and apply for Rich Pins which are basically like a normal pin but they hold a lot more information. You will also be able to have Promoted Pins to get your content seen by your target audience!


drive traffic with pinterest


Create boards relevant to your service


When you begin creating boards think about what it is your business offers and how you can break it down.

For example, if you are an Interior Designer, you will be able to create multiple boards, these might be broken down by room category or perhaps styles. For my own business, I have boards based around each social media platform as well as SEO, email marketing and generic business tips, all things that my followers are interested in. I also have some fun boards that I add to such as ‘dream interiors‘ and my ‘perfect beach house as these are also things I love to dream about.


The photos that you post should be of the best quality as no-one will want to re-pin or click on a badly taken photograph with poor lighting or a bad angle.


drive traffic with pinterest


Make your pins look perfect


To help make a perfectly pinnable image you need to make sure it is of the right size. The ideal size is 238 pixels x adjusted to height. You can easily create this size image using Photoshop or Canva.


You should also ensure your pins are bright and interesting, this will help your pin stand out from the crowd.


Pinterest also recommends that branding should  be kept to a minimum on the image so be a little more subtle when adding your logo to the image.


If you are anything like me and obsessed with making things look perfect you can also create your own board covers. Just create a gorgeous graphic in Canva and then upload it to the board as the first pin (if you already have pins on the board just shuffle them around).


drive traffic with pinterest

drive traffic with pinterest


Be descriptive


When you are uploading your own images you have a chance to include a description underneath. Be creative and make sure you include key words that your audience may be searching for.


The description should be detailed and well written and describe exactly what your pin is about to help make it easier for people find your content. It should also be really enticing too, you want people to be so intrigued they click the link and see more. If possible, also include a call to action in the wording such as: ‘take a peek at my latest project’


drive traffic with pinterest




As with all social media platforms, the key to growth is to engage. You should take some time to follow people whose accounts you like as well as commenting on their pins. Re-pinning other peoples content to your own boards will help people who have never come across your business to find you.


You can also collaborate on other peoples boards or start your own collaboration board to help increase your brand exposure. It’s also a really fun task as you will be able to view the pins other people with similar interests have pinned as well as attracting more people to follow you and click on your website.



drive traffic with pinterest



Ultimately, to drive traffic with Pinterest you will need to be putting in some time and effort. The more active you are on the platform the more people will start to see your work and engage with you. The more attractive the content you pin the more popular your account will become, which, for a business that focuses on visuals it is a great tool!