4 Simple Tips To Find Inspiration For Creating Content

creating social media content

Creating your social media content is a big task. You need to be putting out content consistently that offers value to your ideal audience. Your efforts should hold the attention of your followers and encourage them to engage with you.
So how do you keep the ideas flowing and stay inspired? For some, content creation comes fairly easily, for others not so much. Fear not, if you are in the latter category, I have some tips that I use for my own content creation which will also help you.


creating social media content



Break down the topics of your business


If you can break down the aspects to your service or product you will pretty soon find you have a lot more content than you realize.
Take a note book and break it all down into sections. You may find you have many sub-sections and that’s perfect too because it just means you have more avenues to explore when you are creating social media content.
Lets say you are a wedding planner – your sections will relate to the many areas your expertise cover such as venue hire, vendor hire, decorations, table planning, time management and so on.

Then for each of these topics you can start to list the things you can write about that you know will resonate with you ideal client or be topics that your ideal client is seeking the answer to.



creating social media content





Rather than just churning out post after post without a real plan, why not ask your audience what they would like? Find out about their pain points, what are they struggling with that you can help with?

The content you produce will then be offering value, solving the issues of your followers and  demonstrating your authority in your niche. Over time this will help your online presence grow as people will see you as someone who knows their industry.


Now before you ask, I am not telling you to give away all of your secret sauce but just to offer enough to get your audience on the right track. For example, as a social media marketer, I often get emails asking for help. I always try to reply and often will write a blog post to help as chances are, if one person is asking there will probably be others.



creating social media content



Social Listening 


Social listening is something I do to making sure I am fully up to speed on topics that my ideal client will enjoy to learn about. I might be in groups where my ideal clients are and engaging in conversations to see where they might need more help from me or just doing general searches on social media to see who is tweeting or posting about an issue they are having that I know I can solve.
Spend some time trying out social listening, it is an amazing way to not just gain inspiration but also to meet some wonderful people who may just become your next client.
You could also keep your eyes on trending topics and see if there is a way you can stay current by relating these topics to your industry.



creating social media content


Express you own opinion


Don’t be afraid to create social media content around you own opinion. You may not please everyone with your views but topical does encourage people to get involved.

I am not talking being out and out political in your posts but say if there is a new product being released in your industry, don’t be afraid to give your views on it. Or if you are particularly passionate about something that would interest your audience, go for it. The more personality I see on social media the more intrigued I am to find out more about the person and I am sure I am not the only one!


Be sure to keep an eye on your metrics once you publish your posts to see which style of post or which topic seems to be a big hit with your ideal audience. Ultimately the content you create for your social media posts is for them. It is a way to offer valuable nuggets of information that will ensure they return and want to know more.