Creating An Effective Content Marketing Strategy


“Content is king”

Having an effective content marketing strategy is a must if you are hoping to grow your business online. What is this content? It is everything you publish that relates to your business. From a behind the scenes Instagram video to a blog post on your latest product.


Content marketing is a fantastic way to attract your ideal client but in order to ensure you do it properly you need to have a clear strategy.




To help you on your content marketing journey, I have included some of my top tips. Take some time to work on some of the suggestions and before you know it you will have a whole lot of content that is helping your online presence grow!


effective content marketing strategy


It takes time, keep going


Nothing comes to fruition overnight without some real hard work. I often receive emails from business owners asking why the content they are putting out is not gaining much traction. The content itself is perfectly fine but as I explain to those who are miffed by their efforts, these things take time and to keep going.


People like to get to know a business before they contact them. Unless you are selling the latest must have product and you are the only one selling it, chances are you potential clients are going to check out several sites before settling on one business to spend their money. Make sure you are building those online relationships  to help you set yourself apart from your competitors, it can make such a difference.


If you have high quality content that resonates with your audience’s pain points you should find you will hold their attention and they want to know more. After all, if you can solve their issues and make life simpler for them you are going to be sought after.


effective content marketing strategy




Some marketers might argue that it is too difficult to monitor ROI of content marketing but that is not entirely correct.

If you monitor your content from the beginning, you will be able to gauge metrics such as traffic, source of traffic (so you know which platforms are working), even how many shares your piece has received.


Not every company sees the value in investing in a content marketing strategy, however, the fact of the matter is, it is well worth the investment. This is particularly true if you look at the partnerships, sales and opportunities which may have manifested due to an effective content strategy.


effective content marketing strategy




Most business owners have a similar end goal of lead generation or sales. When it comes to your goals, no matter what they are, you need to make sure every member of your team understand them. These goals will affect all aspects of your business from marketing to sales to after-sales and so getting everyone on the same page is important to maintain a consistent brand and service.


Goals will also allow you as a business owner to maintain realistic expectations too. Occasionally I come across a business owner who has heard about the overnight success story of others and wants a piece of the pie. It’s understandable to want this but half the time these over-night success stories have taken many years and a huge amount of hard work to bring them to fruition. I also explain that your goals need to be of a realistic nature and for growth to happen in a way that your business can handle. Let’s say you are a business that sells gift hampers. If your orders went from 10 a month to 1000 a month, could you handle the production? Have you got the staff on hand to ensure your orders are completed?


To create realistic goals you should identify one key area you want to work on, that might be to grow your social media platforms, drive more traffic to your website or generate x amount of leads within a certain time. All realistic goals that you can work on to grow your business.


effective content marketing strategy




Ultimately, research is your friend when it comes to content marketing. It is so important to have a clear understanding of how your content will work on a specific platform. Each platform has a different style of ‘language’, something you post on Instagram may not work so well on Twitter.


You could also help drive traffic by researching the type of content that does well with your audience. Again this all comes back to tracking and measuring metrics. 

Be creative with your content so as to keep your audience engaged. The more interesting the content the more likely your followers will return for more or share it on their own social media platforms.



Of course content creation costs something that not every business owner can afford and that is time. It can be difficult to juggle all aspects of your business as well as marketing and on top of that family life too and that is where someone like myself becomes useful. As a social media manager I take away the pressures from you of marketing your business and make it my business to ensure your brand is constantly striving to grow online. If you need some help with your content creation or any other aspect of your social media marketing lets chat.