Festive Tips To Market Your Business On Social Media

It is nearly the end of November which means…time to whip out the Christmas marketing ideas for your business with a view to increasing sales in the run up to the holidays.


festive tips market business social media


In the next few days you will begin to see more and more Christmas related posts and so not wanting you to miss out or feel stuck as to how you can get on board here are some ideas to work into your content if you haven’t already planned your December calendar.



Christmas marketing ideas


A Giveaway


Yes, this is one of the easiest ideas but not something business owners always incorporate. Your prize should be something of value to your audience and something you know they will want. This could be a physical product or if you offer a service, you could offer a free session.


To encourage others to enter and to create brand awareness, encourage your audience to share up your post so that word will spread. This is a great way to gain more followers and to put your brand in front of more eyes.


If you are on Instagram and running a giveaway you could ask those who re-share your image to tag you in the post, or if you are on Twitter a simple follow and retweet will suffice.



Christmas marketing ideas


Early Bird Discount


 Not everyone is like me and likes to wait until 4 days before the big day to start going into panic mode. “Why oh why didn’t I start shopping when I planned to in September”….not something you can relate to? Well then you probably took advantage of one or two early bird discounts. You know the ones, place your order in the first week of December to receive 20% off.


Offering a discount of some kind on your products or services is a great way to draw in the eager crowds. Chances are those who have been contemplating making a purchase from your business will only need this little push to seal the deal.



Christmas marketing ideas  


Free Shipping


This offer is only really going to be relevant to those that sell a physical product but with increasing costs in postage, offering free shipping or a reduced rate in shipping is a pretty nice offer! Of course you need to consider that this deal will eat into your profits but if your margins are pretty good and depending on the size of the package being sent it may not be a huge amount of loss for your business to absorb and it may be the difference between making a sale and not making a sale.


Christmas marketing ideas



Consider Your Buyer


Not every purchase made in December will be for someone else. People do still like to make purchases for themselves and this is something I sometimes see business owners forgetting!

It is still ok to post your offers as gifts but also remember to include phrases that appeal to consumers who are wanting to buy treats for themselves. Who doesn’t love a gift from themselves if they have the money for it!






Being consistent in your marketing strategy will get you far and so when it comes to promoting your business in the run up to the holiday period you need to stay on your game. People (like me) do still make purchases up until a couple of days before so if you know you can get items shipped in time, keep promoting. If you’re business offers a service or a downloadable product, heck, keep going up until the big day.



Planning in advance will allow you the time to be creative with your social media content and your Christmas marketing ideas as well as setting you apart from your competitors.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you attract your ideal clients be sure to get in touch!