Growing Your Email List Using Your Blog

using your blog to grow your email list


Most business owners have a blog (if you don’t you are missing a trick and might want to consider starting one) but when it comes to using your blog to grow your email list people sometimes struggle.


I am sure you have heard a multitude of conflicting advice online with some saying having a list is a must and others saying don’t worry about it but it is important to work on growing your email list.


All those followers you have on your social media pages that like your brand and follow what you do could be lost at any point. The social media page you use to market your business and connect with your audience is basically rented real estate, if the platform were to kick you off or shut down for any reason all of your hard work would be lost….unless you had your list!


Using your blog to grow your email list shouldn’t be too difficult and don’t forget, if it’s time you don’t have consider outsourcing the task.


I have put together my top 4 tips to help you grow your list and generate leads for your business:


using your blog to grow your email list


Awesome Opt in’s


Creating an opt-in or lead magnet is not a new method but there are so many freebies out there that you need to make sure yours is of high quality and offers value to your readers so as to stand out from the crowd.


The opt-in you create needs to ideally relate to your blog post or at the very least, your niche so as to ensure people who visited your site sign up to receive it.

If I wrote a post on email marketing but my opt-in was for designing beautiful social media graphics I probably won’t get as many people downloading it as this wasn’t the topic they were wanting to know about initially.


You can add a link to download your opt in at the bottom of your post. Some people like to add links within the post text and this works too, so long as you are making it easy for readers to sign up and download your freebie they will.


using your blog to grow your email list


Solve Problems


To encourage readers to subscribe to your list, the subject of the blog post should be about a pain point that your audience has that they would like solving.


How do you know your audiences pain points? Well hopefully you know your audience and the struggles they have but if you don’t, ask them. Pop on your social media pages and ask if there is anything they are having challenges with that you can help with? Ask in Facebook groups that your ideal client hangs out in, also use a keyword search such as the one on Google Adwords that will help you gauge just how popular your potential blog post topic is. Also try using community sites such as Quora to carry out your research.


If you can solve an issue for your audience on your blog post you will be demonstrating not only your authority in your niche but how your services or product could help them. 



using your blog to grow your email list


Quality Over Quantity


A blog that is packed with well written content will help to grow your list.They don’t have to be long posts but they should be of a decent quality and well researched.


If time and time again readers can see you know your stuff and can really identify their issues (as well as how to solve them) you will find your audience and your list grows at a consistent rate. 


Don’t panic if you are not putting out lots and lots of blog posts, one a week is the ideal number and again, if you don’t have time, consider hiring someone to write your posts.




using your blog to grow your email list




Tracking the metrics of your blog posts will help you to better understand the types of content popular with your audience. You will be able to see which posts brought the most traffic in.

You will also be able to learn more about your audience which, when it comes to content creation and building a loyal following, are pretty important.


Knowing who your audience is is part of the battle but once you have established this you will be able to drill down and assess their pain points and then tailor your content to solve problems. 


If you follow my tips and spend some time crafting really useful posts as well as lead magnets, your email list should begin to flourish. However, using your blog to grow your email list does take a little time so don’t worry if things are a little slow in the beginning.