Scaling Your Business.

Fully Booked Blueprint


Yesterday I saw a post on my Facebook feed asking “If you could go back to when you first started your business, what’s the one thing that you wish you had known?” This was a great question and I knew the answer instantly….The Fully Booked Blueprint.


 2016 was quite a journey for me…

It was the year I grew my business to what it is now and developed the confidence within to realise that I should be charging my worth and should be proud of the skills I had to bring to my clients businesses.


So what brought about the sudden change? Well it wasn’t such an overnight success…in the beginning there were many long days and feelings of overwhelm but all of that changed last summer when I had the opportunity to enrol on a course with the wonderful Laura Phillips.


Fully Booked Blueprint


If you follow my Facebook page you will have heard me talking about the series of free training’s Laura has been offering which have been available all this week. The training’s cover many aspects of marketing that I think business owners miss or don’t realise they need to consider.


Laura is a Digital Marketing Coach and Success Mentor and someone who has been a game changer for my business. What I loved about Laura from the moment I came across her was her real talk, no fluff teachings. Having owned a digital marketing agency previously and worked in the industry for many years Laura had much to teach.


How many times have you seen a coach or mentor who is only successful because they have made money teaching others how to make money but lack any kind of real business experience? That’s something I have been so wary of on my business journey as I have seen so many people throw good money away on courses or coaches who didn’t really teach them anything.


When it came to Laura, I straight away saw that her knowledge was backed up by experience and someone I could talk to all day about strategies and ways to my business.


You can imagine how promptly I jumped at the chance to be a part of Laura’s Fully Booked Blueprint course and oh do I wish it was available to me before I even launched my brand. The course covered everything I knew I needed to break out of the plateau I  had reached and so I signed up!


The Fully Booked Blueprint covers every aspect of taking your business to the next level and it really helped me to see where I was leaving money on the table as well as how I could attract business owners that I wanted to work with and who appreciate all I do for them.



I also found the Fully Booked Blueprint helped me hugely with my confidence. I always knew my capabilities and knew that the services I offered to my clients were of the highest standard. I always put them first and had excellent testimonials to prove it but charging my worth was a whole other matter. Yet within two weeks of being on the course I had already raised my prices to a fair amount that made some clients ask why I hadn’t done so before! 



If some of this sounds familiar to you and your business is at a point where mine was last year you may be interested to read that Laura is opening the doors to her course TODAY!



I am a proud affiliate of the course and I can highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to put in the work to transform their business and take it to the next level! It’s not a done for you course so if you aren’t willing to put in the hours this isn’t something for your however if you are hungry for growth and the skills to market your services or products in a way that will bring fantastic results and you are ready to invest in you why not take a peek.


The doors won’t be open for long and early birds can claim some excellent bonuses for signing up before midnight.

If you would like to have a look at the modules covered or find out more click here.