Statt Digital Services

Social Media Management:

We understand that your time is important and the task of staying on top of your social media accounts as a business owner is just one of the many things on the to do list.

We can take that task off your hands allowing you to apply your time elsewhere.

Statt Digital will handle all of the social and online side of your business from posting on the platforms daily to engaging with and building your audience as well as driving traffic to your business as your brand grows.

Digital Strategy:

As we say at Statt Digital "Hope Is Not A Strategy".

We work with your brands visions and goals to ensure you get the very best from social media, using strategies that will maximise your growth and get you seen and heard online amongst all the noise.


Content Marketing:

So you have the platforms but you need to market your business. One such way is through content marketing, providing value to your customers or potential customers. 

Statt Digital will work with you to create valuable, relevant, consistent content to attract and retain your audience as well as generating leads and ultimately increasing profits. 

Social Media Training:

Do you want to keep your digital marketing in house but are not quite sure how to utilise the platforms?

We can give you up to date training on how you can use social media yourself to grow your online presence. We cover the most basic sides of social media through to the more advanced and we will be on hand to offer you any assistance after the training course.